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About Miami High

Miami High is all about a transferred student called David (Floyd Martinez) came to Miami High and met Debbie (Rekaya Starlight). They had fun and meets a lot of new friends but David didn't know this school is actually a musical school! This show also a spin-off series for High School Musical.


Miami High is a NEW Disney Channel Original Series that is set to premiere July 11, 2014. Season 1 will have 19 episodes. Season 2 has renewed with 40 episodes. Bringing the whole show to a total of 59 episodes. Season 3 has renewed with 22 episodes, bringing the whole show to a total of 81 episodes. Season 4 is renewed with 27 episodes, bringing the whole show to a total of 108 episodes. On April 5, 2015, Disney Channel announced that the 4th season will be the show's last season.


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