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The following is the list of episodes for Miami High

Series Overview

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.S. dates)
Season premiere Season finale
  1 19 July 11, 2014 May 22, 2015
Miami High: Summer Musical
June 14, 2015
  2 40 June 5, 2015 TBA
  3 22 TBA TBA
  4 27 TBA TBA

List of Episodes

Season 1: 2014-2015

Series # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.
U.S. viewers
1 1 Pilot High July 11, 2014 101 7.2
The exchange student (David) came to Miami High to start a new school so he met Debbie and they started hanging out. At lunch, all the kids suddenly broke into song and dance. But David didn't know this was a musical school.
2 2 Birthday High July 25, 2014 102 4.1
When the gang try to think of what theme that Anna should have on her birthday! The gang decided space theme so they plan out Anna's space party. Things did not work out when they started heading the wrong direction! Will Anna birthday party be finished in her birthday
3 3 Girlfriend High August 8, 2014 103 4.2
Tony asked Lindy out but Lindy rejected Tony and Tony now is heartbroken! The gang convinced Lindy to have a "fake date" with Tony and Tony was eavesdropping them. What will happen?
4 4 Austin and Ally In Miami High August 22, 2014 104 9.0
The whole gang of Austin and Ally came to Miami High to teach kids about music. So they invited Miami High gang to hang with them for one day. So they all hang around. At the end, they all had a huge performance
5 5 Exchange Again? September 5, 2014 105 4.3
The head teacher thinks that David should be exchanged again because he is very smart at music and he is better off in a music school. What will David do?
6 6 Fall Picnic September 19, 2014 106 3.9
When David's decides to have a picnic with the gang. A sudden tree has fell and crushed the gang into pieces which make them end up at a hospital! Will they get well?
7 7 16 Halloween Stories October 3, 2014 107 4.6
The gang tells 16 spooky stories. When they revealed to be real....... What will happen and when a girl dress as white and looks down come to their window.......